Frequently Asked Questions

When will you be open to provide testing services?

As of Monday October 24, 2016 we are now Open for Business!

Will you offer testing services to personal grows?

Alaska Regulations allow testing for personal grows. CannTest will ask you to sign a statement that the grow is for personal consumption only and will not be sold.

Do you offer bulk pricing?

CannTest will offer bulk pricing to clients who are under contract. The minimum amount to receive bulk discount is four sample tests on average per month. This means that if two samples are submitted, with potency and microbial testing ordered, that would account for four tests. Contact CannTest to inqure about a bulk discount contract.

What method should be used for creating a sample?

The Alaska Regulations state that the cultivator or producer is responsible for ensuring a sample is representative of an entire batch. The cultivator must sign a statement for each sample stating that the sample was randomly selected from an individual strain of a batch weighing no more than 5 lbs. A product manufacturing facility must sign a statement that a random unit was selected.

How much product do you require for testing?

We require 2 grams of flower for a potency test, 2 grams for a microbial test and 0.5 grams for a terpene test. Therefore if you would like a sample tested for potency, microbial and terpenes we would require 4.5 grams. For concentrate we require 1/2 gram for each test, so 1 gram would be required for potency and residual solvent testing. For edibles we require one unit of the edible whether it is a single serving or multiple serving.

How do I transport a sample to CannTest, LLC?

Clients on the road system can package the sample in a container that will prevent damage, and then package that container in a tamper-evident shipping container. An employee or agent of the client will fill out a Transport Manifest through the METRC Inventory system, and drive the package to the CannTest address. Alternatively a client can order a pickup from CannTest. CannTest's transport agency TransCann Logistics will pick up the tamper-evident container with a transport manifest from your location and transport it back to CannTest. A client who is not on the road system can package a sample in the same method and transport the sample by plane.

How long does it take for testing results to come back?

Customers under a bulk contract are guaranteed results within 72 hours of submitting a sample. For customers who are not under contract we will strive to return results within 4 business days.

What types of testing does CannTest offer?

CannTest offers 4 tests. Potency, Residual Solvent, Microbial, and Terpene.

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